Teen dating and friendship

Researchers analyzed data from a 2011 survey of nearly 800 students in grades 8 through 12 at a public school in a New York City suburb.

About 17 percent had been involved with cyberbullying in the previous week, the study found.

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Similar to domestic violence, teen dating violence is a repeated pattern of mental, physical, emotional, sexual, or economic abuse where one dating partner makes the other partner feel scared, weak, isolated, hurt, or sad.

When students go off to different high schools, they often part company with their old friends.

knowing that life obstacles are going to be challenging, but it’s [about how] you as a person react.

They might also believe they can win back a previous boyfriend or girlfriend, or prevent that person from breaking up with them or dating someone else, by embarrassing or harassing him or her,” Felmlee suggested.

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Leer este artículo en español Walk down the hall of a high school between classes or visit a mall on a Friday night and you'll see teenagers hanging out with their friends.

Friendship is an important part of everyone's life, but to a teenager, having friends and being accepted socially can be a matter of all-consuming concern.

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