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In my opinion, the fee he payed to check this precious cargo was well worth the price!Last night, I was re-watching “Friends” on Netflix with a friend.I saw a Christmas episode, one in which Rachel is upset that she’s single.“I hate being alone this time of year,” she says, joining a large sorority of characters from movies and holiday episodes who have dragged their own evergreen trees through New York City streets or made glum small talk at their parents’ party in an ugly Christmas sweater.

So many people have such high expectations of Christmas gifts that they are usually monumentally disappointed (and this is hard to hide). Any other month of the year is, like, totally fine. Being single only seems like a punch in the face when it's the holidays. Let's begin with the most irritating reason of them all:1. Off to a great start already, aren't we Aunt Beatrice? It probably feels like the absolute worst time to be single, mainly because your Instagram is filled with aesthetically pleasing photos of couples drinking hot cocoa and going ice skating, all while you're laying on your bedroom floor finishing up your second bottle of half-off wine.You don’t even have to change clothes if you want (but you probably should at some point though). You can be a new you in the New Year Unhappy with your love life this year?Take stock of all the pros and cons of your relationship experience over the past 12 months, and write down everything you’ve learned about yourself — because, trust us, you’ve learned A LOT.

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Having a partner doesn’t appear to be a protection from sadness or a recipe for a magical Christmas. There were two Christmases that found me in romantic relationships.

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