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An anonymous reader writes: A hacker says he turned finding and exploiting flaws in popular MMO video games into a lucrative, full-time job.Manfred's character is standing still in the virtual world of the 2014 sci-fi online multiplayer game Wild Star Online.Imagine being in your underwear somewhere in your apartment in Burbank California and you are chatting real time with someone in New Delhi. There are far too many sites out there that it will be almost impossible to list them all; among them are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Chnlove, BBWcupid and so on.Let’s find my , a leading international dating site.Timothy Justen French had already been warned once by the FBI to stay away from computer hacking when he was caught in an online chat two years ago talking about his desire to hit higher-profile targets, including city traffic grids and government intelligence satellites, federal prosecutors say.... Attorney Raj Laud said that in addition to celebrities, Majerczyk also targeted "people he came across in his life," something the prosecutor referred to as "troubling."Laud said that after Majerczyk pleaded guilty in September, two celebrity victims whose photos were disseminated contacted the U. attorney's office seeking restitution for the cost of having their images taken down from various websites.(Jason Meisner)Before Kocoras imposed the sentence, Majerczyk, a former Commonwealth Edison customer service representative, gave a brief statement to the court apologizing for causing "people pain and grief" and for bringing embarrassment to his family and friends."I will never stop striving to do better and to be better," said Majerczyk, reading quickly and calmly from a sheet of paper. Courthouse without comment as television news crews trailed him down Dearborn Street. One of the victims also asked to be reimbursed for ,400 in counseling services she sought after nude images of her went public.And to attract customers, software sellers often provide hundreds of IP addressed in their online chat groups, it said.Cybersecurity experts said surveillance cameras used to monitor traffic and other aspects of urban management were also vulnerable to hackers if users failed to create sufficiently strong passwords for their devices and online accounts.

For those who provided that private information, he then illegally accessed their email accounts and obtained "personal information including sensitive and private photographs and videos," the plea deal said. attorney's office in Los Angeles has said that the investigation into who leaked the sensitive information was ongoing.

At the current exchange rate, Manfred estimates he has 7 trillion worth of Wild Star gold.

This is obviously an outlandish number, but, essentially, his income was only limited by the real-life market for the in-game currency.

Anastasia date is another dating website like chnlove and military cupid which is created for the exclusive purpose of opposite sexes meeting and getting connected.

The site is an international online dating site which connects men from North America to women from Eastern Europe.

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Users of online surveillance cameras in China could find their own lives coming under uninvited scrutiny as the technology is vulnerable to hackers, state media has warned.

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