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Article: [Exclusive] 'Elf' Sung Yuri dating handsome golfer Ahn Sung Hyun for 6 months Source: Star News via Naver1. I guess being a Healing Camp MC means you're bound to date an athlete ㅋㅋㅋ They match well2.

[ 1,384, -137] Let's not say who can do better ㅋㅋ It's not like you all check levels before dating someone ㅋㅋㅋ3.

Because I lost my old tumblr and cannot revive my previous post about all the Shinhwa couples…

(OTL) I cannot remember everything I wrote about the couples, but here’s the updated version of all Shinhwa OTPs (not in any particular order)!

Park made her You Tube debut in January, when her grand-daughter's video travelogue of their trip to Cairns in northeast Australia went viral.

It showed Park touching a kangaroo, diving on the Great Barrier Reef in a helmet that let her walk underwater, and splashing through the Cairns Esplanade Lagoon in a Santa Claus cap.

You think Sung Yuri, who's 33 years old, is a fool to date him without reason? [ 137, -9] A lot of celebrities seem to like dating golfers. [ 67, -9] That guy probably hit on her as if his life depended on it since it's a once in a lifetime opportunity to give her golf lessons10.

Eric/Zeus Jinne/Aries Minwoo/Apollo Hyesung/Aphrodite Dongwan/Poseidon Andy/Hermes Now to throw in a few other idols from other groups JB/Hades Bam Bam/Nemasis Jackson/Nike Atlas/Park Joon More will most likely be added in as the fix goes on. So I am planning for this to be at least a two shot.....possibly more if I get into writing it. This is a totally silly, toally fluffy short story. I needed something cute after all the drama going on in the other stories I have going on at the moment.

Just something that is going aroun Minwoo and Dongwan are amazing therapists, who keep every secret and don't hate each other. A story how you can fall in love with someone you hate from the bottom of your heart. I was looking into them right now, my best friends, my little-brothers. I'll try to update on the weekends to keep the rest of my week free for the other stories I have going on.

This Tom and Jerry couple seems to be the most loved currently.

For the newer Shin Changs out there, Ric Syung has actually been famous for a while now.

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Eric says they’re best friends while Hyesung says they’re just neighbors…

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